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First Galostar cohort start the NVQ L2 Brickwork Technician

19 Sept 2023

It’s great to see our first cohort of The ABC Assessment Centre Ltd Brickwork Technicians Level 2 being put through their paces today by Martin Kersse as part of the qualification.

Several Galostar bricklayers, across 5 of our sites, have become the first cohort to start working on the brand new Brickwork Technicians Level 2 NVQ. What better place to be assessed than a facade remediation project where quality, proof of installation and qualified operatives is parapmount to the end user.

Brilliant work has been done by the ABC to achieve this new qualification for our technicians and it’s great that Galostar Ltd are amongst the first in the country to undertake such qualification.

Galostar's Joel Riley explains "The NVQ L2 Brickwork Technician now qualifies operatives to show their competency which is so important with the new legislation. We have been operating technicians / General Builders (Galostar’s job role title) for over a decade now and it offers many advantages …


  • Taking away the reliance of bricklayers installing ties and sundries etc and allowing them to carry out their craft which in my experience is their preference.

  • It opens up pathways to operatives to be trained in a skill that allows career progression and greater remuneration moving forward. My very first general builder has progressed into one of our project managers whilst becoming one of the most qualified employees within the company. Other general builders / technicians have progressed to supervision roles , bricklayers and the like. It’s an excellent gateway into career progression.

  • The biggest benefit of all is the assurity that skilled, qualified operatives are installing life saftey and structurally critical products in line with the manufactures guidelines and building regs. Ensuring absolute compliancy."


The ABC Assessment Centre:

Martin Kersse (Brickwork consultant/Trainer and NVQ Assessor Level 2-6):

Eve Marie Livett (CEO The Association of Brickwork COntractors Ltd.):

Simon Livett (Centre Manager at The ABC Assessment Centre Ltd):

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